Technical specification

Femtosecond laser

Pulse duration

200–400 fs

Pulse energy

250–750 nJ

Focus spot size

< 2 um

Pulse repetition frequency

1 MHz

Laser wavelength

1030 nm

Laser source type

Fiber femtosecond laser FL 300

Treatment parameters

Patient interface material


Eye hold vacuum

400–600 mbar, tunable

Penetration depth

0 – 1200 um, 1 um step

Intraocular pressure increase


FemtoLASIK side cut angle

30–150, programmable

Vacuum ring

reusable, sterilisable, different sizes available

Patient interface connection type


Eye hold time for FemtoLASIK

< 25 s

FemtoLASIK flap creation time

19 s

Keratoplasty cut shapes

cylindrical, conical, mushroom, top-hat and zigzag

Distance between spots on scan

2,5 um

Patient hold method

vacuum, scleral with vacuum ring

Proprietary technologies

Smooth Lines, Multi Overlay, Easy Lift

Centration after docking


Flap orientation


Scanning pattern


FemtoLASIK flap diameter

up to 10 mm with 0,1 mm step

Patient interface

flat, single use, sterile

Treatment options

FemtoLASIK, LENTEX (lenticule extraction), anterior, posterior and penetrating keratoplasty, tunnel for corneal segments, pocket for 360-degree ring and presbyopia inlay, corneal relaxing incisions and radial keratotomy

Operational parameters

Cold start time

25 min

Dimensions, weight

75 x 156 x 153 cm, 215 kg

Compatibility with the excimer laser

yes, with any laser, (full software integration with Miscroscan Visum laser)

Environmental specifications

Temperature 18 — 30°С, humidity 10 — 90%

Power requirements

100-240 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz V, < 400 W


sterilisable, touchscreen, 22″


75 x 80 cm