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We offer KERASCAN® and PLATOSCAN® software packages for topo-guided and wavefront-guided surgery planning for patients with complicated refractive errors:

Irregular and mixed astigmatism

of high and very high degree, induced by LASIK, PRK, keratotomy

Regular astigmatism

of high and very high degree

Complications of conductive keratoplasty, cataract surgery, or deep lamellar keratoplasty

Higher order aberration

of high and very high degree

Highly elongated or flattened cornea


Narrow optical zone

Night vision improvement for the patients with large pupil

Compatible diagnostics instruments:

  • Scheimpflug topographer TMS-5 with KERASCAN®
  • Wavefront analyser TOPCON KR1 W with PLATOSCAN®
  • Wavefront analyser Visionix VX120+ with PLATOSCAN®



For topo-guided treatment planning


For wavefront-guided treatment planning