Super Gauss beam energy profile


Super-Gauss beam

Minimal roughness

Ablation spot of 0,9 mm is reached with low energy density, assuring a gentle ablation with the roughness of resulting surface as low as 190 nm.

Minimal heating

Thermal load to cornea surface is reduced thanks to lower pulse energy and lower energy density. Surface heating at 1100 Hz is physiologically insignificant and has lowest value in comparison with Gauss beam lasers.

The recovery excellence

Rapid recovery after thin cornea operations of choice like Trans-PRK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK thanks to lower roughness and thermal affect.


Gaussian beam

Higher roughness

The ablation spot of 0,9 mm can be reached just with 3-times higher energy density and 2-times highr pulse energy leading to higher roughness of resulting surface.

Higher thermal load

Due to higher pulser energy the repetition rate has to be reduced for some types of treatment like PRK.

Complicated recovery

Less thin cornea patients will be served with PRK.

Unprecedented roughness