Technical specification

Treatment options

Topo Guided, Wavefront Guided, FemtoLASIK, LASIK, LASEK, PRK, TopoPRK, TransPRK, Presbyopia

Range of correction

Myopia up to 13 D, hyperopia up to 7 D, astigmatism up to 10 D


By pupil, limbal ring or coaxial corneal light reflex


190 nm

Laser pulse repetition rate

1100 Hz or 500 Hz

Laser beam diameter

0,9 mm

Access card

Not required

Cold start

30 min

Eye tracking

By pupil, limbal ring or scleral vessels

Ablation depth

from 12,5 um per D

Treatment speed

from 1,19 sec per D

Laser wavelength

193 nm

Laser beam energy profile

Super Gauss

Supported diagnostic instruments

Topcon KR-1W, Visionix VX 120, Tomey TMS-5


72 × 135 cm