Ablation profiles

В Микроскан Визум реализован набор профилей абляции, позволяющий корректировать большинство аномалий рефракции глаза и поверхности роговицы.

LASIK and PRK for astigmatism and high degree myopia and hyperopiya. Excellent for thin cornea patients – 12,5 um per D.

LASIK and PRK for moderate myopia and hyperopia and up to 3 D astigmatism for patients with good night vision demand.

Negative spherical aberration is applied to compensate the induced postoperative positive aberration.

Depending on corrected refraction error and Q-factor the ablation depth is up to 16,8 um per D.

LASIK and PRK for high degree myopia with low accommodation.

Narrowed optical zone, wide suboptical zone with linear reduction of the optical power.

Treatment for the cornea surface deceases:

  • epithelial and stromal dystrophy of cornea
  • corneal erosion
  • keratitis
  • thorns, scars
  • first stage of PRK

Uniform ablation depth, treatment zone 2 .. 9 mm.

Variable ablation depth, treatment zone 2 .. 9 mm.


  • topo guided treatment planning with «KERASCAN»® software
  • wavefront guided treatment planning with «PLATOSCAN»® software

Treatment for complicated refraction errors as:

  • mixed, irregular and induced astigmatism, coma (decentration)
  • coma (decentration),
  • higher-order aberration correction to 1.0 (while 0,6-0,7 reached with the conventional approach)

Correction for the errors induced by LASIK, PRK, radial keratotomy, conductive keratoplasty, cataract surgery, deep lamellar keratoplasty.

Conventional 2-zone compensation for the accommodation insufficiency with hyperopia and hypropic astigmatism of the moderate degree.

Central zone for distance vision.

Peripheric zone for near vision.